Friday, July 24, 2009

How a Talisman can help you.

Exactly what is a talisman and how can it help you? Talisman comes from the Greek word telesma which means to consecrate and to fullfill. Many people use talismans in their everyday life and don't even know it. Do you have a lucky piece of jewelry? Or that favorite shirt for job interviews? Remember the popular rabbits’ foot? All of these things are examples of talismans. A talisman is basically any charged object that produces a desired effect. To consecrate an object is to charge it and to fullfill is to produce a desired effect.

Historically, talismans have been used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used talismans or amulets for many different occasions and needs. They were often made with figures of specific gods such as Isis or Thoth, and used for protection or gaining knowledge and power. Within Christianity, there have been many talismans used over the years, such as the crucifix, which was considered a defense against demons or negative forces. In Hinduism, many talismans are made with images of Ganesh, Krishna and other gods which are considered good fortune. Famous biblical talismans include: Aarons’ breastplate, Arc of the Covenant and the Chalice.

So how can a talisman help you? Basically a talisman acts as an amplifier of your will and desire. Whatever it is that you desire or want to improve in your life, a talisman can help you to achieve it. Whether you are seeking power, knowledge, love, healing, protection or money; a talisman can help you to attain these things. For example, say you are attending college and having a hard time comprehending a specific subject, i.e., English. You could construct and charge a talisman with your specific desire or goal of learning English better. A talisman is generally made of a metal like gold or silver, or certain stones/gems, i.e. crystal, quartz, amber, etc. Technically any medium could work as a talisman, but some work much better than others. That is because there is an inherent vibration in some mediums that will respond better to a certain frequency. In other words, rose quartz would respond better to a love & compassion vibration and iron would respond better to a more aggressive warrior vibration. By using the proper metal or gem for your goal, you will have a faster and better outcome. It is kind of like the difference between using a VW bug and a Drag racer for a quarter mile race. They will both get you there, but the Drag racer will get your there much faster.

Another important consideration when making a talisman is to use a symbol or archetype representing the energy you wish to manifest. For example, if you want to bring more peace into your life, you could use the astrological symbol of venus. You could draw or carve this symbol on your talisman. You could also charge your talisman with a prayer to the appropriate archetype (God or Goddess) in whatever religion you follow. The Christian religion has a variety of saints that cover many aspects of life. For example, you could prey to St. Francis for peace as he is the recognized saint of peace. Or if you are Hindu, you could prey to Krishna to charge your talisman to bring peace into your life.

Finally, there are a variety of rituals to charge your talisman. The simplest is to wash your talisman first in salt water to cleanse it of all negativity. Then light a candle with incense, clear your mind and focus on your goal or desire. Say a prayer to the God or Goddess that represents your goal and then imagine light energy beaming down from heaven radiating your talisman with divine energy and charge it with your wish. Finish with a prayer and that completes the ritual. It is very simple, but very effective.

Remember that everyone has talismans, but most people have make them unconsciously. When you pour love and affection into your favorite object, you are charging it, whether you are aware of it or not, and creating a talisman. But a talisman will become much more effective, if you charge it consciously with your will, intention and mental/emotional energy.

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