Monday, March 8, 2010

Magic Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are very fascinating. They reflect everything they see. Mirror comes from the Latin word mirari, meaning “to wonder at”. A mirror is basically a polished surface that forms images by reflecting light. The majority of people use mirrors to look at themselves, but did you know that mirrors can also be used for scrying? Scrying is a form of clairvoyance and psychic ability to have visions which may consist of persons or places in the past, present or future. Scrying is derived from the English word descry, “meaning to reveal.” This type of clairvoyance was known to be practiced by Nostradamus who was very famous for his prophecies. Also the well known English astrologer and magician, John Dee used this method to see visions of the future. Of course, the most popular method of scrying is crystal gazing. Most everyone is familiar with the Hollywood notion of crystal gazing, i.e., The Wizard of Oz where the witch or wizard sits next to the crystal ball with visions appearing on its surface.

The use of mirrors for scrying began many centuries ago with Egyptian magic. The Egyptian priests used mirrors made of polished metals for divination and protection. As far back as the eighth century, mirror divination was practiced by certain Tibetan Buddhists. Mirror divination is known as “Ta” in Tibetan and means “that which is coming forward very clearly.” There are three levels to Tibetan mirror divination. The first is developing the ability to see shapes and colors in the mirror. The second is the ability to see words and sentences in response to the divination. And last is that the diviner will just know the answer to the questions posed by the querent through direct intuition. There are Tibetan Buddhists who continue to practice this art today and I would recommend visiting Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche’s website at

I have practiced using mirrors and crystals for scrying many years. It takes a bit of practice and patience before one begins to have any success at this art. I had to practice for many months before I had any real results. Every night I would practice for about thirty minutes gazing either with my crystal or mirror. I used a lead crystal ball which you can purchase at any rock or mineral shop. I also made my own magic mirror which has to be specially prepared. You can use any mirror for a magic mirror. Basically you just paint the face of the mirror with flat black spray paint. For my first mirror, I used an antique very old mirror with a beautiful ornate wooden frame that was given to me by my grandmother. I then painted the frame in white and gold. I took the mirror itself out of the frame and painted that with flat black spray paint. I prefer flat black as glossy black causes glare and reflection from any ambient light. This can be very distracting when you are practicing. Next I charged the mirror with a condenser. This is what gives the mirror its magic. A condenser is either a substance or fluid that is charged with your desire for a certain result. It is similar to a talisman, but uses a combination of herbs or metals. Franz Bardon in his book, Initiation into Hermetics gives a very thorough explanation for making simple and universal condensers. For my first mirror, I just used a simple condenser made from chamomile. The herb is boiled down and then filtered. The remaining menstrum is then charged with your desire, which in my case was to be able to see images clairvoyantly in my mirror. I then wiped the fluid condenser on the mirror, effectively charging it with my wish or desire. That completed the operation and I always kept my mirror covered with silk to insulate it from any other vibrations.

I practiced gazing at my magic mirror every night. I found it helpful to close all the windows and doors so there was very little light in the room. I would then practice gazing into the mirror. After a period of time, I began to see geometric forms in various colors appearing on the surface of the mirror. I would see red triangles or yellow squares, etc, that would appear on the mirror. The images would continually change into other images of shapes and colors. These kinds of visions went on for quite some time until I began to see places and people in the mirror. This was very exciting! Images of different places I had never been and people I had never seen would appear on the mirror. It was very fascinating!

For more information on mirror gazing, please see: Patricia Telesco's book: A Little Book on Magic Mirrors.

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