Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten Steps to Improve your Psychic Ability

VIII. Journaling

The eighth step towards developing your psychic ability is journaling. Journaling is a mecurial art that will help you to focus and actualize your psychic ability by writing things down. You know the old saying "the pen is mightier than the sword?" Well by keeping a diary of your psychic experiences, it will help to manifest them. Why? Because you are paying attention to them and when you pay attention to them, they will pay attention to you!

When journaling, also pay attention to your dreams. Write your dreams down as they can be a stepping stone to your psychic ability. Many times, psychic ability will manifest in our dreams first. If you are aware of your dreams, then you can use your dream symbols to help develop your psychic ability. For instance, if you dream of a wise old man, he may symbolize the development of your psychic ability. You could then paint a portrait of him or write down the details of your dream in a way that inspires you. This will key into your subconscious and begin to manifest your psychic ability more and more.

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