Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ten ways to improve your psychic ability

Seven: Affirmations

Most everyone has heard about affirmations, but few people use them. Why? Because they are so simple! People today like things more complicated. Kind of like our lives. People tend to associate simple with simpleton. But, affirmations are simple and they do work! Affirm each day that you want to improve your psychic ability in a way that resonates with your soul. For example: "Each day as the sun rises and the sun sets, I am more in tune with my psychic ability." Affirmations are self-suggestions that key into your subconscious to help bring a desired effect. They can really help improve your psychic ability. But you have to say it with conviction!If you say it half-heartedly, it will work half-heartedly. So be open to the possibilty that your affirmation will work. Then watch what happens.

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