Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Peace in a Crazy World

Jesus spoke a lot about peace in a crazy world. Things were crazy back then also. Maybe even crazier. Back then it was common place to kill people if they did not agree with the ruling theology. We are a little more civil today. At least in the West. There are still places in the modern world where they will chop your head off for divergent religous beliefs. Hard to believe, but there it is.

So, what did Jesus have to say about finding peace in the midst of apparent chaos. Well, where did he go in times of trouble to find peace? He certainly had his share of it. He went to the Garden! The garden of Gethsemane. Where is that garden? That garden is everywhere and nowhere, because it is the garden in the mind, where peace and beauty reign forever. Basically, Jesus went into the silence to meditate and find peace. Jesus was not always at peace throughout his life. He had worries and troubles like everyone else, but he was closer to God than anyone else.

Speaking of the garden, Jesus tells of an interesting story in Matt 13, where the celestial farmer plants his celestial seeds in different types of soil. Some people are like "rocky soil" where they receive the seeds of "Good News" and begin to grow young plants. But their roots are shallow, and they quickly lose faith when they are trambled by problems of the world. Then their plant withers and dies. Then there is the "good soil" where the seeds of God grow into vibrant plants that are able to withstand the trials of the world and produce abundant harvests.

Many of us have these different types of soils within our souls. We have to learn to cultivate them with tenderness and much care. We can either be trambled by our problems and lose our peace of mind, or we can nourish our souls through peace and meditation which will produce abundant fruits of love and right actions, even in the midst of disaster and calamity.

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