Monday, May 4, 2009

Celebration of Mother Earth

The Celebration of the Earth Element occurs at 15 degrees of Taurus which happens on May 5th this year. Astrologers know that at 15 degrees of Taurus, the Earth principle is at its most focused point in the year. It is the best time to celebrate the Earth Element, Mother Earth, and Mother's Day! Now, I want to share with you an important ritual at this time of year that everyone can do. First, you should prepare a scroll or piece of paper with a prayer for growth and stability in whatever area of your life you wish. Then pick up a plant, bush or tree to be planted. Find a place where you can dig a whole into the earth to plant your bush or tree. For those living in the city, you could do this in a big pot filled with dirt. After you dig your hole, place your scroll in and then your plant. Say a prayer to Mother Earth and that completes the ritual.

This is a wonderful ritual that everyone can do and it will benefit your life in many ways. It feels so good to communicate your wishes while playing in the dirt through the Earth Element which will bring about their manifestation.

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