Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Me and You

Me and You

Rising in the early morning dew,
I remember the me and sing about the you.

Laying down in the twilight skies,
I dream about the stars and who you are.

Cascading rhythms of crimson hue,
Reveals the nature of me and you.

Brought together over eons of time,
Displayed in ripples of celestial rhyme.

1 comment:

  1. Hi-
    I find your poem to be full of truth. Our true nature is so connected with each other - even with those whom we have not met nor will ever meet. We are, as you have written, "brought together over the eons of time." I also find the poem full of sensual illustrations and appreciate your being able to incoroprate these metaphors (i.e.; rising in the dew (wetness), laying down in stars (heat/passion), ripples of celestial rhyme(the cosmic climax). Thanks, Kevin Glen