Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tao of Meditation

Look, it cannot be seen.

Grasped, it cannot be felt

Listening, it cannot be heard.

Seek beyond the senses to the Tao.

This is the way of the Tao and Meditation.

What on earth does this mean? It all sounds very paradoxical. Look, it cannot be seen? What's up with that. Either you see it or you don't, right! Well, no. Tao points to the fact that everything is an illusion on this plane or plane-it. What it means is that you cannot trust your five senses to tell you what is real. And that there is a reality that underlies everything beyond the senses. How do you get beyond the senses? By not paying attention to them! Which takes practice. It takes practice because everything we have been taught is all biased. Biased by culture, philosophy, religion, politics, education, sociology and our belief systems. There is nothing wrong with learning about these things, but it does not get you any closer to truth or wisdom. Our world is constantly directing us away from this, through the lastest news and current poop. While we race around in circles, moving through the universe at break-neck speeds. The Truth sits quietly in the center at perfect peace and harmony. And will always do so!

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