Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flowers Can Heal You!

I was walking in a field near the woods yesterday and I noticed all the summer flowers in their colorful splendor. They are so beautiful this time of year. But there are more to flowers than just their natural beauty. Did you know that flowers can heal you of many illnesses? Mother Nature provides us with all the natural cures to many of our problems. And they are right there before our eyes and most people don't even know it. Many people are aware of the healing powers of specific herbs, but flowers also have healing properties.

One of the most notable persons connected with flower healing is Dr. Edward Bach. Dr. Bach was a physician and surgeon in London back in the 1930's. He became dissatisfied with traditional medical practice and began to seek alternative healing methods. He founded the Bach Flower Remedies which have been very successful to this day. One of the interesting things that Dr. Bach advocates is that many of our illnesses stem from our false perceptions about ourselves. Dr. Bach says,

We are all conscious that it is not our bodies alone which are the cause of our difficulties. We do not say, “my body is worried or anxious or depressed”; we say, “I am worried or anxious or depressed”, We do not say, “my hand hurts itself in pain”; we say, my hand hurts me”. Were we but bodies, our lives would be merely one of personal interest and gain, seeking but our own comforts and relieving our own needs. But this is not so. Every kind simile, every kind thought and action; every deed done for love or sympathy or compassion of others proves that there is something greater within us than that we see…we all carry a spark of the Divine.

For Dr. Bach, illness begins when we forget our connection with the Divine. Then we begin to feel anxiety, stress and depression. His flower remedies help to alleviate these symptoms by sympathetic action. Every flower has a certain natural vibration and can help restore harmony by sympathetic vibration. Just like a tuning fork can cause another tuning fork to vibrate nearby, so the flower remedies can help tune one back into harmony.

I have used Bach flower remedies in my own life and have found them very helpful in bringing about peace especially in times of stress. The Rescue Remedy is really incredible in bringing about peace of mind.

For more information, see: http://www.bachflower.com/drbach.htm.

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