Monday, June 22, 2009

Paulo Coelho

I just finished reading Paulo Coelho's book called Brida. I would highly recommend it for those folks who enjoy books on esoteric spirituality. Paulo has written a string of fiction books on esoteric spirituality. They are not only insightful, but also very enjoyable reading. He is a great author and is able to convey many of the principles of esoteric spirituality through his intriguing stories. I just finished reading Brida the other day and it really hits home for me. I have walked a very similar road between the Paths of the Sun and the Moon. The Path of the Sun being the path of the Magus or Magician and the Path of the Moon as the path of the Witch. They are really two sides of the same coin in esoteric spirituality. And I think it gives us better balance if we learn both aspects of these spiritualities. The Path of the Sun teaches us through the rational mind, knowledge and ritual that leads to a better understanding of ourselves and the universe. The Path of the Moon teaches us through the intuition, and leads to wisdom and inner illumination. But both paths eventually come together in your practice and spiritual development.

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  1. Hi Shanti,
    I just found your blog! This is wonderful.

    Paul Coelho is one of my favorites. "Warrior of the Light" got me through some nasty nights. I'll have to check out Brida.