Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Modern day mystic

What is a modern day mystic you might ask? It is one who seeks transcendence or the mystical in everyday life. A modern day mystic does not live in the past or the future. He or she lives right here and right now, which is the only real moment. The past and future are but shadows that really have no existence except in our minds. Think about it. Are you truly living in the present?Most people do not. Our society is not set up that way. We are conditioned to live either in the past or the future. Like: how is your 401K going to do, how are we going to increase our earnings, save for retirement, live the good life once we retire, can't wait to finish school, want a better job. All of these scenario's are in the future and try to avoid the present. It basically says, "I cannot be happy until I have these things in the future". Why not find happyness now?

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