Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ten ways to improve your psychic ability

IV. Ritual

Rituals are basically specific actions done on the physical plane that will have corresponding effects on the inner planes. Doing rituals can have a huge effect on your inner being and your daily life. Rituals work because there is a connection between our inner world and our outer world. As above, so below; as without, so within to quote the wise mystic Hermes Tremegistos. A ritual can be as simple as the act of folding your hands together in prayer or as complicated as a Catholic Mass or wedding ceremony. But a ritual done in earnest will help to accomplish any specific goal you have in mind. A simple ritual to improve your psychic ability could be lighting a candle and some incense with a short prayer or affirmation to the Divine for guidance in developing your psychic awareness. If this is done on a daily basis, it will have a powerful effect on improving your life and your psychic ability. You can also develop your own ritual; just remember that at the crux of the ritual is your goal to improve your psychic ability.

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